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Roelien Immelman holds a degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria. Her first major position was in London, where she illustrated for Michiko Koshino, a prominent Japanese fashion brand. After a brief stint as a layout designer for a Cape Town-based publisher, a hankering after the unknown first led her to the Far East, and she has been freelancing and exploring the world ever since. She has worked as an illustrator for various publications and clients all over the world, but the projects that stand out are those in which she could combine drawing with her other great passions: food and travel. Always armed with sketchbooks, pens, and ink, as well as her unique point of view and a keen eye for detail, Roelien has explored, cooked, and illustrated her way through the culinary landscapes of Europe and Southeast and East Asia. Personal highlights include cooking beef rendang in Penang, drawing recipes for coconut curries in Sri Lanka, learning to cook delicious bûn cha in Vietnam, making peanut salads under moringa trees in Myanmar, and cooking dashi from scratch in Japan. Her work has been exhibited in South Africa and Taiwan. Her most recent work Friends. Food. Flavour is a cookbook co-authored with Michael Olivier for Penquin Randomhouse Another recent example of her distinctive style of food illustration is to be found in Tuistafel by well–known South African home cook, Errieda du Toit. After 13 years in the East Roelien recently returned to South Africa, home being the best place after all.

 Clients include Penguin Random HouseHuman & RousseauNB publishersCaxton magazines – Vrouekeur and Sarie KOS, Oxford University PressVia AfrikaBest Books as well as various corporate and private clients.

Unrouxly Illustration - Featured in Sarie magazine.
Unrouxly Illustration – Featured in Sarie magazine
Unrouxly Illustration - Featured in Tygerburger newspaper.
Unrouxly Illustration – Featured in Tygerburger newspaper